My work process

How to get started?

  • Tell me who you are ? Personal touch always helps collaborating and creating great music together 

  • Share your ideas. Send me a demo or express your thoughts through words. Show me music that inspires you.

  • We discuss budget, timeframes and conditions.

Once we got started I begin creating a setup for a song and developing ideas: tones, melodies. I come up with a basic draft to show you, it is usually a couple of segments of a song with all the tones in place. We discuss ideas and correct direction if it needs correction. After that I continue developing, showing you work in progress in the meantime and then I deliver final product. It might require modifications (such as making something louder, quieter, brighter, darker, detailed or obscure and so on). In that case I allow up to 5 times going forth and back with modifications. Please note that your case might require special treatment. So please feel free to contact me and discuss your project.


Conditions and delivery specs

What will delivery consist of?

The list below displays the options that I can provide in the delivery. Please choose and specify what you need before ordering because each of those options affect the final price. If you are unsure you may always consult me and I will help.

For guitar recording:

  • DI files (raw unprocessed guitar signals. Separated tracks)

  • AMP files (amped processed guitar signals. I find proper tones and effects that I personally see fit for each song. Separated tracks)

  • mixout demo (a rough mixout to see how all guitar play together in the given context)

  • Commercial use

For songs:

  • Mixed and mastered instrumental

  • Mixed and mastered song (I mix your vocals in the track)

  • STEMS (separated files, processed and grouped ready for mastering)

  • Source files (separated unprocessed signals for each instrument used)

  • Commercial use 


Get in touch and place your order

Fiverr is a place where you can check valid and up to date feedback from my customers. Its a place where all your transactions are 100% safe and protected. Funds will go up my way only once you are satisfied with the delivery and click on "close the order" button.